AUTHOR: crookedbones

CAST: Jade, Jadesprite, Davesprite


ADDITIONAL TAGS: illustrated, His Dark Materials crossover, created for jadefest

SUMMARY: An exploration of what it might have looked like had a part of Jade’s soul been externally visible- no, rather a third extraneous self- or fourth..fifth.. um. The difference being, this ones a magic mood ring animal.

EXCERPT: You talked to trolls, even, your childhood tormentors, against Neph’s grumbled warnings. Karkat called him a built in “moirail”. He said that trolls have to go out and find their own daemons. You ask him if he’s got one, then, and are rewarded four inch long grey text block of transparent denial. You knew it made Neph think of Jadesprite, and you felt envy and pity churn in your belly and curdle like milk and lemon juice.

In the land of Frost and Frogs, he stands watch for Bec Noir while you examined amphibians. His forms have all been big and furry and white lately. You kiss his wet bear nose. You miss Bec, too.

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Is there a master list of all recs? I feel like I remember there being one and I don't know if I can't find it because of browsing via phone or it having been taken down or just my own general ineptitude.

There used to be one but it hadn’t been updated in over a year so it was taken down. We’re happy to take repeats as long as it’s been a few months between recs, though!

AUTHOR: princessofmind

CAST: Sollux/Eridan




SUMMARY: You didn’t realize how much you loved leggings until you started dating Eridan. And you probably wouldn’t care much for them either way, if he didn’t have the most gorgeous, shapely pair of legs you’ve ever seen on a human being.

EXCERPT: Both you and Eridan like to keep the townhouse cold, which is fortunate, because you probably would have killed each other within a week of moving in together if you’d been fighting over the thermostat. You prefer it cold by necessity, because it makes the machines that take up most of your office run smoother and has less risk of them overheating. Eridan likes it cold because he has approximately sixteen (you fucking counted when you unpacked them into the cedar chest that sits behind the sectional sofa) different throw blankets, ranging from super soft micro fleece to hand quilted. Plus he’s one of those people who would rather put on more layers than take them off.

It just makes the temperature difference between outside (90 degrees with 80 percent humidity) and the apartment (an amazing 67 degrees) feel like a smack in the face, and even though you know it’s almost thirty degrees cooler inside, that first few moments out of the sun makes you feel even more overheated, like your whole face is flushed with fire.

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AUTHOR: nachttour

CAST: Rose/Jade; Dave, John



ADDITIONAL TAGS: complete, illustrated, AU, grimdark, body horror, altered mental states, created for ladystuck 2013

SUMMARY: Questionably dead and floating in the sea of neverwhere Rose Lalonde wakes up in confusion. Shortly rescued by one Jade Harley what is to happen after that is the challenge they face.

EXCERPT: Instead of pondering the imponderable— poetic as it might sound —she settled in the cold light granted by the stars and watched. Skirts,tendrils, and tentacles all formed a roiling mass beneath her folded feet. No fish swirled around her, no crustaceans scuttled beneath her. Certainly no marine mammals were in sight.

They had lost her session, lost terribly. Dave was the first; the time loops that he had so gracefully navigated collapsed around him like a choke-collar. Then Jade, their embodied paradox of space had been crushed to death. Supposedly she went next, though maybe John preceded her. That one small detail has escaped her from the first moment of opening her eyes and realizing that she now lived in a world of shifting tentacles and whispers. Conceivably she now inhabited the stellar equivalent to the Cambrian sea, or else her half-animate body had sunk down to the abyssal plains of the oceans of LOLAR and she would now dwell as a horror-story whispered to her consorts as they awaited their next heroine.

Such thinking was hubris. The chill permeating her body was deeper and more rich than anything that her ocean ever would grant her. The winking bioluminescence of those that drifted around her did not belong on her populous world of twinkling rain.

"If I am not home then where am I?"

Home' The jellyfish drifting by in a cloud around her echoed it back in a whispered chorus.

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AUTHOR: elegantanagram

CAST: Jade/Nepeta/Feferi; Grandpa Harley, Horrorterrors



ADDITIONAL TAGS: fantasy AU, quest plot, developing relationship, body horror, xeno, created for jadefest

SUMMARY: Jade loves her grandfather more than life and breath, for showing her so many fantastic things, and for taking her to places so magnificent other people could only dream of them. When he departs across the globe without her, it turns out to be those fantastical creatures that offer her the greatest chance of again finding him.

EXCERPT: The boat pulls into the island’s little makeshift harbor even as the sailors on board rush to and fro, ropes in their arms as they tie down its moorings. The instant one of them throws down the gangplank, Jade is trotting down it, her arms swung wide for balance. She leaps the final distance to the grassy bank, one hand going to her head to steady the wide-brimmed hat atop it, the other waving frantically back at everyone still on the ship. Her grin is wide and white, bright against the warm nut brown of her dimpled cheeks.

"Thanks for the ride!" she calls back, arm still waving a vigorous goodbye. "Oh, I almost forgot. This is Pietro’s hat!"

She starts to whip the hat off her head, arm poised to frisbee it onto the deck, but the men on the boat all laugh and wave her down, tell her to keep it. It’s a gift; it’s something to keep the sun from her eyes as she treks through the jungle. She tries to frown, crossing her arms over her chest, but in the end she only manages to grin all the wider. Pulling the brim lower over her face, she turns on her heel with a final wave. Adventure awaits!

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AUTHOR: spockandawe

CAST: alpha Rose, alpha Dave, Condesce



ADDITIONAL TAGS: parenthood, unconventional families, created for ladystuck 2013

EXCERPT: You are only six years old when you realize this is not the first time you have been six. Nobody understands, or even really listens to you when you try to explain. You begin counting how many times someone patiently explains that dreams aren’t real, or exclaims over what an active imagination you have. The longer you refuse to give in, the more forceful these talks become. You pretend not to notice the way adults whisper over your head about how she’s such a bright young thing, but they worry. Finally, you stop arguing with them and let them think that’s the same as agreeing.

As you age, you do spend time idly leafing through books and websites, wondering if perhaps you are delusional. Ever since the thought occurred to you that you have lived your life before, you have been perfectly convinced of its truth. By all accounts, it must be false. But it seems so real, a flower slowly unfurling before you, new details and memories that you cannot imagine dreaming up yourself. It is not a discovery of new ideas, but the unearthing of memories that you had only forgotten. Eventually, you decide that even if you are mentally unbalanced, there exists no way to disprove the existence of this other Rose, so for you at least, it may be a private truth.

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AUTHOR: conceptofzero

CAST: Snowman, Doc Scratch



ADDITIONAL TAGS: created for ladystuck 2013 treats

EXCERPT: Snowman makes a point of not asking Doc Scratch why he does the things he does. It’s not as if she’s not occasionally curious about the reasons why the Felt are ordered to rob one bank but not another, or what point there is to kidnapping someone for 48 hours before turning them loose unharmed, or why it’s essential they exchange one painting at the local art gallery for another almost identical painting. But she’s learned something over the years that the other Felt haven’t; sometimes you’re better off not knowing the reason for something.

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AUTHOR: Kaprikorn

CAST: WV, PM, AR, WQ, Bec Noir



ADDITIONAL TAGS: created for giftstuck 2013

SUMMARY: The contents of the wasteland that is the Earth: a desert, the White Queen’s ship and crew, three destroyed stations, one damaged but mostly intact station, three carapacian corpses, and four stories.

EXCERPT: When you finally locate the egg station, you know where you’re going, and you know who will await you upon your arrival. You remember one fondly, having given her your ring so long ago. She was a brave girl, and you can’t wait to see how she has grown.The other two will be of the dark kingdom, but the lines between Dersite and Prospitian have long since been erased by the harshness of the vast desert that is now the Earth. You’d found several Dersites eking out a living in the wastes alongside your own subjects, and several had helped you, albeit with varying levels of enthusiasm.

You know, of course, that you will abdicate your position to the Parcel Mistress when you arrive. Your time as a ruler has passed, and in any case you tire of the responsibility. You will be content with holding the knowledge, and allowing your new queen to use it as she sees fit.

You know that you will find your lover there, having waited out eons in what must have seemed like a matter of seconds. You know that he will be overjoyed to see you, and you him. What you don’t know is how little time you’ll have with him before -

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AUTHOR: Phrenotobe, strideer

CAST: Rose/Vriska; Kanaya, Karkat, Dave



ADDITIONAL TAGS: illustrated, noncon kissing, blood, created for rarepair swap

SUMMARY: It’s the sour don’t-care-about-taste dregs of moonshine in a trollware mug, and Rose’s mouth feels old, the rest of her far-off and slightly furred. She puts her fingertips on the table, feeling the grain through numb fingertips that she places down with concentrated care. Her head goes forward, though she didn’t really intend to, to get a better look.

She wakes up on packed mulch dirt and a sunset sky.

EXCERPT: They fit together a plate, filled with runes in a language Rose has only started knowing - if there’s a logic to the pattern, she doesn’t know it yet. With two luck players, the shards show up almost as if they want to be found, under rocks and scrubby light-starved bushes. The artificiality of the land shows itself in odd moments, fully-formed stalagmites rising through the floors that overturn on an organic hinge to reveal a chunk of stone beneath.

“Nice work,” Vriska says. It’s patronizing, but with the warmth that should be going to a completely different person. This entire world is a substitution, but it’s nicer than the grey monochrome reality waiting behind them both.

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AUTHOR: HorribleThing

CAST: Jade, Echidna, Jack Noir



ADDITIONAL TAGS: created for jadefest

SUMMARY: Jade meets her Denizen.

EXCERPT: This feels like this is the type of space where if she puts her hand on the door and starts to push, something will stop her and ask if she needs to save her game. There’s a danger to it, and a finality. But Sburb doesn’t offer those types of safeties. Sburb isn’t that kind.

Grandpa would have told her to get a bigger gun. To get lots of big guns. To go in armed to the teeth firing away, and never show any weakness.

Kanaya tells her that she doesn’t need to be afraid. That she can choose to not fight and choose to be safe. And Kanaya has been so nice to her, so kind and helpful these past few weeks of frog hunting. They have so much in common! And when they’ve met in the dream bubbles her face seemed so gentle. Or as gentle as a pretty glowing alien vampire from a violent murder-culture with moods analogous but not identical to human emotion can be. But it’s so hard to trust the trolls. Karkat is only now finally being “nice” to her after years of bullying, bullying that started when she was so young and barely had anyone to interact with.

Back when they were collecting frogs, Dave told her what happened in the doomed timeline. Not the details, but she knows. She doesn’t have her dreamself left. There’s no backup now.

She doesn’t want to make another dead Dave. She’s cried herself sick over one already.

Kanaya says she doesn’t need to be afraid. And more than anything, Jade wants that to be true.

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AUTHOR: KavithaisPadfoot

CAST: Jade/Davesprite; John, Nannasprite


ADDITIONAL TAGS: created for jadefest

SUMMARY: Jade Harley is a young girl struggling with the transition of growing up. It’s even more difficult considering she’s steering a giant, golden battleship through an empty void at the speed of light. Not to mention that she has to deal with a couple of bird-brained boys, a floating baking ghost, and don’t even get her *started* on the tentacle cat…

EXCERPT: “Sooooo,” you tread cautiously into the grounds of conversation. “Dave and I are kind of seeing each other.”

The game pauses and John looks over to you. “You mean Dave sprite?”

You don’t know why he says the name like that, with the weird space in the middle, but you go with it. “Yeah.”

He scoffs. “Fucking finally.”

“What d’you mean by that?”

“I’m just saying it’s about time that happened.”

You smile and shake your head. “Whatever you say.”

“So what else is up?” he asks. Yes. You got him to talk to you. “Been using that present I got you?”

You hold back a laugh. “John, I have no practical use for that thing whatsoever.”

“Whatever! It’s cool as hell!”

You laugh, just happy that you can finally have a fun, normal conversation with your brother. Tensions have been high, but you knew you’d get through to him.

From now on, it’s just smooth sailing. You’re sure of it.

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AUTHOR: A Dreaming Songbird

CAST: Jade, Roxy, Jake, Jane


WORD COUNT: 73,896 


SUMMARY: The Batterwitch rules the star system with an iron claw. Four young men and women are determined to set the world to rights by igniting the spark of revolution, but they are few and have almost no training in either their magical abilities or running a rebellion. And is that prophecy ever going to come true?

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AUTHOR: sunsmasher

CAST: Rose/Terezi, Rose/Kanaya; Dave



ADDITIONAL TAGS: created for ladystuck 2013

SUMMARY: Terezi searches for a reason. Rose doesn’t have it but she knows how to play along.

EXCERPT: Rose finds her on the floor of the corridor, the heat of their bodies leached out by the steel, and she’s drawing butts on Karkat’s door. It’s not the first time Karkat’s door has been so honored, nor, by a long shot, will it ever be the last, but there’s lethargy in Terezi’s strokes, a slow weight in her wrist, so this one time Rose crouches by her side and traces her lines. They look like butts. A lot of butts. Terezi stays quiet.

Rose fumbles for a piece of chalk at her side, unwilling to look away from Karkat’s door lest she break this odd peace, and begins shading in the asscracks. Terezi, dead eyes still affixed to the crude red curve of a glute, says, “Don’t forget the dimples.”

Rose allows herself a small smile, and chalks in two soft dots.

They crouch a while, and don’t say much more.

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AUTHOR: Semianonymity

CAST: Jade/Dave, John/Rose/Dave/Jade



ADDITIONAL TAGS: post SBURB AU, created for jadefest

SUMMARY: After the game, Jade and Rose and Dave and John end up in a new world, strange and painful after what they’ve been through, without their guardians but with each other, and eventually it will be enough.

EXCERPT: Jade still couldn’t keep normal hours. It was five in the morning, the sun was just rising, light beginning to filter through the window, and she’d crept out of her bed to the kitchen. She’d thought—hoped, maybe, maybe just assumed—that her sleep would be more normal, after the game, but she still took naps at odd hours, woke up when the time was right and fell asleep again when she needed it—and now the sun was up and shining! She couldn’t sleep through that. Sunlight, yes, but she wasn’t used to days this long, she’d lived too close to the equator. Her seasons had been different, marked by rain and humidity, not temperature and length of day. And she was jittery from the nightmares.

The kitchen felt dark and crowded, even though it was big and empty—more than she knew what to do with, really! John liked to tease her about her cooking. But she made good bread, and it was…

Easy, to open up all the windows—and then pull on a second sweater, shivering in the chill morning. Rose and John teased her about that! And then her and Dave could yell at them, because they were from warm places and they weren’t used to freezing, and anyway, John, you whined all winter about the cold! But the light coming in helped. And she had bread started, so she pulled it out, dusted flour on the counter, began to knead—punching down the dough, shoulders working, rhythmic and steady. Less likely to cause a disturbance than shooting practice. Comforting and alive.

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