AUTHOR: sunsmasher

CAST: Rose/Terezi, Rose/Kanaya; Dave



ADDITIONAL TAGS: created for ladystuck 2013

SUMMARY: Terezi searches for a reason. Rose doesn’t have it but she knows how to play along.

EXCERPT: Rose finds her on the floor of the corridor, the heat of their bodies leached out by the steel, and she’s drawing butts on Karkat’s door. It’s not the first time Karkat’s door has been so honored, nor, by a long shot, will it ever be the last, but there’s lethargy in Terezi’s strokes, a slow weight in her wrist, so this one time Rose crouches by her side and traces her lines. They look like butts. A lot of butts. Terezi stays quiet.

Rose fumbles for a piece of chalk at her side, unwilling to look away from Karkat’s door lest she break this odd peace, and begins shading in the asscracks. Terezi, dead eyes still affixed to the crude red curve of a glute, says, “Don’t forget the dimples.”

Rose allows herself a small smile, and chalks in two soft dots.

They crouch a while, and don’t say much more.

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AUTHOR: Semianonymity

CAST: Jade/Dave, John/Rose/Dave/Jade



ADDITIONAL TAGS: post SBURB AU, created for jadefest

SUMMARY: After the game, Jade and Rose and Dave and John end up in a new world, strange and painful after what they’ve been through, without their guardians but with each other, and eventually it will be enough.

EXCERPT: Jade still couldn’t keep normal hours. It was five in the morning, the sun was just rising, light beginning to filter through the window, and she’d crept out of her bed to the kitchen. She’d thought—hoped, maybe, maybe just assumed—that her sleep would be more normal, after the game, but she still took naps at odd hours, woke up when the time was right and fell asleep again when she needed it—and now the sun was up and shining! She couldn’t sleep through that. Sunlight, yes, but she wasn’t used to days this long, she’d lived too close to the equator. Her seasons had been different, marked by rain and humidity, not temperature and length of day. And she was jittery from the nightmares.

The kitchen felt dark and crowded, even though it was big and empty—more than she knew what to do with, really! John liked to tease her about her cooking. But she made good bread, and it was…

Easy, to open up all the windows—and then pull on a second sweater, shivering in the chill morning. Rose and John teased her about that! And then her and Dave could yell at them, because they were from warm places and they weren’t used to freezing, and anyway, John, you whined all winter about the cold! But the light coming in helped. And she had bread started, so she pulled it out, dusted flour on the counter, began to knead—punching down the dough, shoulders working, rhythmic and steady. Less likely to cause a disturbance than shooting practice. Comforting and alive.

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AUTHOR: jadebloods

CAST: Davesprite/Lil Hal

RATING: Explicit


ADDITIONAL TAGS: sexual content, kinks, created for rarepair swap treats

SUMMARY: TG: skaia is an enigmatic piece of shit
TG: big blue sadist thats mad jazzed for desperation porn
TG: giving a guy all these gustatory desires and no machinery to fulfill them
TT: It seems as though your frustration over the birdseed quandary is a little manufactured and over the top, Davesprite.
TT: Something on your mind?

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AUTHOR: wartransmission

CAST: John/Dave; Dirk, Jake, Rose, Dad



ADDITIONAL TAGS: complete, high school AU, bullying

SUMMARY: Sometimes, secondhand heartbreak hurts more, lasts longer, if only because the fear festers a little deeper, like a small scratch on a record that grows larger in time. You don’t want that heartbreak for yourself, so you hide. You hide yourself under so many layers that you can’t break free, because it’s the prison that you’ve put yourself in.

You’re so scared of what’s outside in the wild, that you don’t bother to fear for what’s inside, for what you’ve done to yourself.

EXCERPT: Looking at Dave being hurt, being miserable, lent him a new sort of pain in his chest that he grew to loathe. So he flirted. He made jokes of his attraction to the blond, because he had thought that it would make things stop. That maybe Dave would get angry at him, and he’d move on.

But Dave was always silent. Not once did he become furious at John, not once did he complain, not once did he actually push him away. He always said no, certainly- but he didn’t tell John to stop.

Dave had always been stronger than him, and he didn’t notice until now. He had a larger body, definitely. He had more muscular strength, more endurance, but Dave was resilient. There were so many people that tried to break him, so many people that had tried to tear him apart again and again- but he stood strong. He was still here, after all.

Dave was fragile, and yet not. He was like a wine glass, the glass substituted for acrylic plastic. He would seem breakable on first sight when dropped- but he didn’t crack all that easily.

Throw him down repeatedly, though, and he’ll fracture, just like anything else. Just like anyone else.

He didn’t want that.

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AUTHOR: JumpingJackFlash

CAST: Eridan/Equius



ADDITIONAL TAGS: complete, humanstuck, robots, part of the Space Bro AU

SUMMARY: In which Equius Zahhak, postdoc in robotics research, meets Eridan Ampora, professional movie extra and drama queen, and begins having disturbing dreams about a merman with great big sharp pointy teeth. And also falls in love, despite all the evidence that it’s a dumb thing to do.

EXCERPT: He uncurls slightly. “I don’t eat any meat besides fish.”

“Really? Can you afford to be that picky in your situation? No, forget I said anything; this is California. At least you’re not vegan.”

“You asked,” he says defensively.

“You’re right, I did. Well, I don’t like fish on pizza, so how about mushroom, onion, and extra cheese?”

He nods, eyes fixed on the table. “Okay. Sorry. Thanks.” He clears his throat. “Look, I know I’m a pain in the ass. Showing up outta nowhere, taking advantage of your kindness and all. I’ll be out of your hair as soon as I find somewhere else to go.”

“Stay until you’ve healed enough to work,” you say impulsively. You finish dosing two mugs of coffee with enough sugar and half-and-half to turn them into desserts, and set one beside him. “I have this inexplicable urge to feed you up.”

He regards the mug with absolute bafflement. “Okay,” he says slowly. “Do you want me to call you Daddy?”

“Goodness. No.” You shudder. “Please don’t.” You hurry out before he can say anything else.

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AUTHOR: gendersquare

CAST: Sollux/Roxy, Terezi&Roxy; Karkat, Aradia



ADDITIONAL TAGS: humanstuck, amusement park AU, food service, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, created for rarepair swap

SUMMARY: The summer before Roxy leaves for college, she gets a cruddy food service job at an amusement park. One of her coworkers introduces her to some friends, including a cute nerd who shares a lot of her interests.

EXCERPT: You’re a week into your shitty food service job at the amusement park when a new gal walks into Grillin’ Villains. Her hideous lime green shirt matches the rest of your pimply little crew’s, and your first thought is Whew, this means I’m not the noob any more. You’re older than about half of the kids here, but unlike most of them, your mom didn’t force you to get a summer job in high school. Nope, only now that you’ve hit the ripe old age of eighteen and are ready to start college this September do you have to waste 35 hours a week flipping burgers until you’re forever saturated with the alluring odors of burnt beef patties and weeks-old vegetable oil.

This gal looks like she’s about your age, but as she approaches you can tell from the grin on her face that she may be new to this food stand, but this isn’t her first job in the amusement park. There’s none of the deer-in-the-headlights look that you had when you first showed up. Then again, she does have the benefit of some sweet red shades - and what the shit, she’s carrying a cane too. Not just carrying or leaning on it, but sweeping it back and forth across the ground as she strides into the kitchen, the cane ricocheting against the boxes and mop buckets and table legs.

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AUTHOR: rememberwhenyoutried

CAST: Vriska, Jade, Calliope, Kanaya, alpha Rose



ADDITIONAL TAGS: fantasy AU, created for ladystuck 2013

SUMMARY: If you’re going to fall into the woods somehow, you may as well visit the benevolent witch while you’re there.

EXCERPT: In the woods beyond the void there was a tower, a crumbling tower of broken stone and rotted wood, long uninhabitable by all but the birds who flew laps around its limitless height and the spiders who spun their webs in its infinite recesses. It was a place of ancient power, of magic so complex and powerful it was almost unknowable. It was said that no-one had seen its full extent because it was always surrounded by clouds that swirled in uncomfortably geometric shapes, although there was almost no-one around any more to see it.

Jade Harley, who had lived for a hundred years in a ramshackle cottage abutting its base, liked to hang washing lines from it.

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CAST: alpha Rose, Roxy



ADDITIONAL TAGS: character study, sadstuck, hurt/comfort, death, motherhood, horrorterrors, alcohol, created for ladystuck 2013

SUMMARY: It’s your last night on earth and you find yourself here, drinking wine like a mother you do not have, thinking of a daughter you will never meet.

EXCERPT: You don’t drink wine. Half are too sweet and half too bitter, but tonight the soft burn and sickening dryness seems nothing but cathartic. You didn’t even intend it, really, but one bottle left out when you locked away supplies for your child to see her through your absence was too tempting to ignore.

Some people would frown at you, for the collection of bottles you have left unarguably for her. You do not drink, yet still they sit in cupboards and closets all locked away behind mechanisms you have no doubt will be swiftly picked. Some would call it irony, some would call it bad parenting, but you? You consider it leaving her something to cling to while she watches a world of ghosts pass by the same windows you are sitting at to stare up at the stars.

You will not see another night, like this.

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AUTHOR: vanillarouge

CAST: John/Rose/Dave/Jade



ADDITIONAL TAGS: incomplete, illustrated, no SBURB AU, polyamory, slice of life

SUMMARY: let’s try to stop growing up and just go with the flow. we’re going mad in slow motion, babydoll.

EXCERPT: On Friday, Jade suggests they play spin the bottle.

It’s kind of a silly idea because she and John are cousins, Dave and Rose are twins, and John and Dave are wusses so they only make it past a few tame pecks before it turns into less of a kissing game and more of a truth or dare spin off, ironic pun not intended – the four of them sprawled out on the old dusty rug of Jade’s basement.

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CAST: Dirk/Jake, Rose/Kanaya; Dave, Roxy, John, Karkat, Terezi



ADDITIONAL TAGS: currently updating, no SBURB AU, part 2 of a series

SUMMARY: Dave knows he’s a Strider, Rose is off in college, Dirk’s moved clear across the country, and Roxy is struggling to cope with all the changes. It’s business as usual, then.

EXCERPT: Airplanes had always been a big part of Dave’s life. For as long as he could remember both Roxy and Dirk had been flying in and out of the state for work. His mom had probably looped the Earth six times over because of her business trips and had enough frequent flyer miles to send all of New York state on yearly overseas vacations for the next decade. Her travel had always been consistent. She would fly out, be gone a week, then come home with stories, photos, and gifts. Dirk’s travel had been more erratic. Sometimes he was home for months on end when nothing was happening. Then, suddenly, he would be gone for weeks or months to record or tour and he was never sure how long it would be until he made it back to New York.

Dave had flown all of once in his life before the morning of his seventeenth birthday.

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AUTHOR: VastDerp

CAST: Damara, Meenah



ADDITIONAL TAGS: gore, horror, time travel, blood, violence

SUMMARY: Damara Megido puts up a good fight, but in the end they all just keep dying.

EXCERPT: They make mistakes. So many stupid, deadly mistakes. She gets used to dead friends fast. A lot of the time she watches them die, but sometimes she goes in blind, checking for results on the darkest outreaches, looking for a doomed self who knows something. None of them ever come to her, and she doesn’t understand why.

The mistakes become more violent as they progress through their echeladders. Damara jumps ahead and finds them, still and dead, their bodies rarely intact. The combination of Kankri and Meenah’s kernel prototypings have given most of the enemy monsters horrific scissor claws. She finds Porrim split open, hair a fan of crusted jade and glossy black in the dirt. There are bugs in her mouth. Damara clenches her hands until her claws bite into her palms and refuses to scream. This is her job. It’s not just about showing Meenah up. It’s about keeping everyone safe from… that.

She wonders if she will ever get used to the filmed-over eyes of her dead friends. She could just not look, she supposes, but she has to know what went wrong.

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AUTHOR: mechanicalOdyssey

CAST: Nepeta/Feferi


ADDITIONAL TAGS: Alternian politics, angst, created for rarepair swap

SUMMARY: In which Feferi does not know how to woo a girl. Excuse me, gill. Excuse me, Nepeta Leijon, her bodyguard.

EXCERPT: Your personal guard is a short, wiry oliveblood with a puff of short hair. She deals with the garden-variety assassinators herself and assists you with the personal ones if you’re tired or busy. There haven’t been any heiresses yet; they’re not common. You’d have to fight those all by yourself, but she can challenge them beforehand. Ideally, they get tired out and the fight swings in your favor. She also happens to be very good at her job.

"Hey, Nepeta!"

"Your Imperial Radiance."

"My name is Feferi!"

"Sure is!"

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AUTHOR: pinkstarpirate

CAST: John/Dave/Karkat

RATING: Explicit


ADDITIONAL TAGS: post SBURB AU, dubcon, complete

SUMMARY: The game spits the kids and the trolls out in a new world together, and life goes on. Dave is helping John celebrate his twenty-fourth birthday with all of their friends at a local bar. Dave gets a little bummed out by some residual romantic feelings he has for Jade, but not to worry, because John and Karkat come to the rescue. At the end of the night, Karkat and Dave end up going home with John where sexy times ensue.

EXCERPT: You have a feeling that this night is going to get really strange. You just know. It is obvious, because John has an arm slung around both you and Karkat. Not even around your shoulders but rather wrapped tightly around your waist. Karkat is still all blushy-freckled, and you are sure you are equally as human-blushy. You don’t have a clue how John can be so oblivious to this. You realize, when you step into John’s apartment with Karkat, that he isn’t.

John isn’t oblivious about a single, tiny bit of it.

Oh. Oh! You are so gonna give John a piece of your mind later. But not right now, because you are kind of enjoying watching the slow, sensual kiss John is having with Karkat. You almost take out your phone to snap a picture, but John swats your hand away from your pocket and pulls you toward him. And then John is kissing you.

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CAST: Dave/Terezi, Rose/Kanaya; Karkat, The Mayor



ADDITIONAL TAGS: an independent part of a series

SUMMARY: In which Kanaya and Rose force Dave and Karkat to finally get of their asses and do some laundry, because teenage boys are exactly the same on Alternia as they are on Earth. Somewhere between Terezi tagging along, the Mayor swiping Mt. Dave’s Dirty Underwear off a table, and Kanaya taking serious offense to Dave calling her mom, some laundry was probably done.

DAVE: hell no
DAVE: hell to the fuckin no just straight up nope
DAVE: no no
DAVE: shit is so not dope
DAVE: but im at the end of my rope
DAVE: its not my rope but tzs
DAVE: bitch be hella fucking crazy
DAVE: look this shit is weak but you get the point dont you
DAVE: tell me you get the point

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AUTHOR: conceptofzero

CAST: White Queen, Ms Paint



ADDITIONAL TAGS: created for ladystuck 2013

SUMMARY: The War is over and Prospit may be long gone, but the Wise Quartier finds some comfort in her friendship with Ms Paint and in the art she makes.

EXCERPT: The Wise Quartier pauses at the entrance of Ms. Paint’s shop when the smell of burning cloves and tobacco hits her nose. She knows MP well enough to know what that smell means and that she might be better off turning back now and stopping by in a few days, when Ms. Paint has presumably finished whatever she is working on. But she came all the way downtown and she has another meeting late this evening to discuss the validity of certain homesteading permits, and what she needs down is the company of someone who will not be arguing with her the entire time.

She steps into the cozy painter’s studio, making sure to jingle the bell loud enough that Ms. Paint will hear her approaching. The place is as WQ remembers it; cozy (or perhaps cramped depending on how well you take small spaces) and tidy with various paintings hung on the wall as examples. She has a few of MP’s originals hanging on the walls of her house, beautiful bright things with a liberal use of gold paint that capture the spirals of their true home.

WQ knows she should stop thinking of Prospit like that, but she can’t help it. This new world is fine, but it will never really be a home for her.

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