AUTHOR: sonnetstuck

CAST: Dirk



ADDITIONAL TAGS: complete, metafiction, it’s Detective Pony okay

SUMMARY: “And then there’s a customized copy of PONY PALS, a gift to you on your 14th birthday from the slippery Mr. Strider. Each page contains lovingly hand-written commentary on the deeds of this intrepid young horse. Later, about halfway through the book, rather than see the gag through to the bitter end, Strider began pasting over entire pages of original text with his own completely rewritten version of the story, while keeping all the chapter titles. His revision is a tough, emotionally draining read. But it’s cathartic, in all the worst ways possible.

He tends to get carried away with his projects.”

EXCERPT: The cat melted through the paddock fence and over to Acorn. Acorn inwardly freaked the fuck out, but managed to keep it together.

“That is such a horrifying cat,” said Anna. “I wish Acorn and I could be free of him and his curse.”

“Maybe nobody will claim him,” said Pam. “Then you could finally test your new guillotine.”

“That would be so much fun,” said Pawnee.

“I can’t kill the cat,” said Anna sadly. “My mother says it’s a sin to kill anything other than a human. If we can’t give him away, we’ll have to suffer his sorcery long after we’re all in the grave.” She shuddered. “The wind— do you hear it, Pam? O that it were blowing more fortuitous tidings our way, instead of this rank scud of feculence. I age, I fear, and I fear my aging. Would that that cat’s innocence were mine.”

“Too bad,” Pawnee sighed. “He’s such an evil fucking cat.”

“I hope someone claims him,” said Pam.

The cat jumped up on the highest fence rail and started shitting again. Acorn and the cat locked eyes, knowing that soon the battle between them would begin, and that at its conclusion, something surely would be destroyed. Maybe one of them. Maybe both. Maybe the entire world.

Anna wondered what would happen to Acorn’s great new friend.

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AUTHOR: blackstuffedcat

CAST: Roxy♥Calliope



ADDITIONAL TAGS: illustrated, post SBURB AU, asexual character, created for ladystuck 2012

SUMMARY: Roxy and Calliope are living together and have just begun dating. Calliope can’t help but fear it’s all too good to last.

EXCERPT: ROXY: i wanted to ask u something

ROXY: wanna go out with me today?

CALLIOPE: hUh? like, a date?

CALLIOPE: outside the hoUse??

ROXY: yeah let’s go to the mall 2gether

ROXY: i wanna hang out with u

ROXY: i’m so sick of you having to hide in here 24/7

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CAST: Jade♥Aradia



ADDITIONAL TAGS: AU, domesticity, created for rarepair swap treats

SUMMARY: Jade and Aradia make love and science because a vat of highly corrosive glowing liquid beats out candlelight any day.

EXCERPT: “I’m pretty sure that it’s unethical, Aradia.” This is an old argument, almost a routine really. You don’t remember the last time it didn’t come up over dinner.

“Well, yes of course - but that comes with the territory, doesn’t it?”

“I guess. And I’m not trying to say that we do here is completely above board.”

“I sense a ‘but’.”

“But – do you remember that poor guy over at the Zahhaks’ the other month?”

Aradia makes a face. “Well, obviously we wouldn’t do anything like that. Just because I’m suggesting that we work with cadavers in addition to robotics doesn’t mean that I think we should put someone’s head on a robotic horse body.”

“Because that’s fucked up.”


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AUTHOR: vulturer

CAST: Aradia/Feferi/Vriska



ADDITIONAL TAGS: no SGRUB AU, military, created for ladystuck 2012

SUMMARY: She’s poisoned, maimed, sleep-deprived, delirious, starving, dehydrated, shot, beaten, and reeks to the high skies, and this is the best she’s felt in three weeks. Steaks, smokes, and a terrifying babe.

"Wish those ninnies had had wine."

"Revolution is not a dinner party."

EXCERPT: The skyline is just beginning to nibble the sun when Aradia Megido wakes up. There’s no room to stretch, just enough to scoot out of the troll-sized notch she had found folded into a pile of boulders. The ridges scrape against her sleep-sensitive skin, pulling at her filthy fatigues and pouches. This side of the boulder is in shade, still a little warm as she heaves herself out of the pocket. She hisses happily through her teeth at the crackling in her back and the tight, rubber-band pull of her muscles easing back out. The stale sopor slug curled around her throat comes unstuck with soft, wet pops when she gingerly tugs at it. It curls in on itself and she drops it into its battered, but clean tin, checking the seal. There’s still plenty of perigees left before the slug expires, even if it’s starting feel a little funky. Like a film on old juice. She sets the tin on a flat ledge and unscrews the cap of her canteen, then tips some water onto the slug before sealing it up and stuffing it back in it’s pouch on her thigh. She spits out the scum from her mouth and hops down to squat next to a little stream, cupping her hands in the water, drawing it up to her lips and scrubbing it over her dirt-streaked face. It’s freezing.

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AUTHOR: PerfidiousFate

CAST: alpha Rose, alpha Dave, Jade English, Condesce



ADDITIONAL TAGS: character study, non-linear narrative, prophetic visions, animal death, created for ladystuck 2013

SUMMARY: It’s hard, growing up and having vision omnifold. It’s hard, and Rose Lalonde understands.

EXCERPT: Sometimes, Rose doesn’t know who she is.

Other times she’s sure of it. Her name is Rose Campbell; she was born in 1976 and is now thirteen; and she has a penchant for dramatic lipstick, Lovecraftian mythos, and biting wit. These things may or may not earn her undue attention at the middle school she frequents, as well as disapproving frowns from her foster parents.

Sometimes, she’s sorry for disappointing them. They’re nice people, albeit unprepared for the hurricane of a foster daughter they had so carelessly welcomed into their lives a year prior. They do their best with her; they buy her books, and take her out to the zoo to see the giraffes. It’s exceedingly kind of them. Rose has had much worse foster parents. Sometimes, on clear days where the sun is bright enough to chase the shadows from the corners of her eyes, she thinks that it’s enough. That she could be content.

But sometimes: she closes her eyes and sees a mother.

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AUTHOR: sunsmasher

CAST: Aradia/Feferi; Vriska



ADDITIONAL TAGS: illustrated, Beforus, blood, time travel, created for ladystuck 2013

SUMMARY: “I’m a time traveler!” Aradia shrieks, throwing her hands in the air. She adds, on thought, “And probably immortal, too!”

EXCERPT: The artifact shows three figures carved in stone. The first is painted violet, like the princes and their banners, and the second is teal, color faded and barely-there after so many thousands of years inside the buried temple. The third figure is rust, ornamented in gold, weapon dripping violet, boots stained teal, and it’s the only figure standing. When the cool-blooded hands holding the artifact smash it full against the wall, making dust of the figures of the redblood’s triumph, Aradia screams.

“What are you doing?” she shrieks, lunging forward against the guards’ grip. “That was history, that was priceless!”

The tealblood across the table, carefully dusting her hands of archaeology, smiles. “Don’t be silly, Ms. Megido,” the tealblood chides, gesturing to one of the orangeblood guards to fetch a broom. “What you found was obviously the work of some local delinquents, don’t you think? Those pressurized pigment cylinders have been getting so popular with the kids, and they’re so talented, I’m not surprised you were confused.”

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AUTHOR: ZeeCatfish

CAST: Eridan/Dave; Bro, Cronus, Jane, Vriska



ADDITIONAL TAGS: complete, illustrated, space opera AU, created for rarepair swap

SUMMARY: After years spent mastering his job-hopping skills on the interplanetary level, a combination of chance and fortunate family ties lands one Dave Strider a job as a personal bodyguard to Eridan Ampora, prince and heir to an almost unparalleled fiscal empire. He assumes it’ll be just another job he’ll be able to leave behind when the time comes, another story to tell on slow nights where the man with the most tales is the king of the universe, but as all things in life, nothing is ever quite that simple.

EXCERPT: Dawn on the planet Nunki filters through the half-open blinds into your shitty rented one-bedroom apartment in the form of eerie blue light and the roars and whistles of the local birdlife.

You’re not one-hundred percent sure if you could even call it ‘birdlife’, because even after almost a decade spent as veteran space-nomad for hire your definition of what a bird is still does not involve fang-like protrusions on the beak or four extra arms in possession of claws, but your planet guide tells you these charming fliers are considered an avian species, so birdlife it is.

The air around you feels heavy and stale, rolling over you like an invasive, uninvited blanket. Apparently the locals thrive in the hot, humid, windless summers on this planet. Your earth-mammal human physiology, however, is inclined to disagree with their preferences.

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AUTHOR: doxian

CAST: Sollux♥Rose, Rose♠Dave, Sollux/Rose/Dave



ADDITIONAL TAGS: no SBURB AU, #incest, oral sex, created for HSWC 2014

SUMMARY: Twincest threesome fantasy. Sollux has a thing for twins.

EXCERPT: “Would you like to come upstairs for coffee?” she asks. Then she kisses you. “Kiss” doesn’t seem an adequate word for the way she gently places one hand behind your head and the other hand on your cheek, urges you down and slides your mouths together like she’s trying to relieve as much as she can of the sexual tension that’s been zinging between you all evening. She tastes like spiced tea. No tongue, your bodies aren’t even touching aside from her hands on your face, but it’s already enough to make your pants go uncomfortably tight.

This girl is going to be the death of you.

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AUTHOR: crookedbones

CAST: Jade, Jadesprite, Davesprite


ADDITIONAL TAGS: illustrated, His Dark Materials crossover, created for jadefest

SUMMARY: An exploration of what it might have looked like had a part of Jade’s soul been externally visible- no, rather a third extraneous self- or fourth..fifth.. um. The difference being, this ones a magic mood ring animal.

EXCERPT: You talked to trolls, even, your childhood tormentors, against Neph’s grumbled warnings. Karkat called him a built in “moirail”. He said that trolls have to go out and find their own daemons. You ask him if he’s got one, then, and are rewarded four inch long grey text block of transparent denial. You knew it made Neph think of Jadesprite, and you felt envy and pity churn in your belly and curdle like milk and lemon juice.

In the land of Frost and Frogs, he stands watch for Bec Noir while you examined amphibians. His forms have all been big and furry and white lately. You kiss his wet bear nose. You miss Bec, too.

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Is there a master list of all recs? I feel like I remember there being one and I don't know if I can't find it because of browsing via phone or it having been taken down or just my own general ineptitude.

There used to be one but it hadn’t been updated in over a year so it was taken down. We’re happy to take repeats as long as it’s been a few months between recs, though!

AUTHOR: princessofmind

CAST: Sollux/Eridan




SUMMARY: You didn’t realize how much you loved leggings until you started dating Eridan. And you probably wouldn’t care much for them either way, if he didn’t have the most gorgeous, shapely pair of legs you’ve ever seen on a human being.

EXCERPT: Both you and Eridan like to keep the townhouse cold, which is fortunate, because you probably would have killed each other within a week of moving in together if you’d been fighting over the thermostat. You prefer it cold by necessity, because it makes the machines that take up most of your office run smoother and has less risk of them overheating. Eridan likes it cold because he has approximately sixteen (you fucking counted when you unpacked them into the cedar chest that sits behind the sectional sofa) different throw blankets, ranging from super soft micro fleece to hand quilted. Plus he’s one of those people who would rather put on more layers than take them off.

It just makes the temperature difference between outside (90 degrees with 80 percent humidity) and the apartment (an amazing 67 degrees) feel like a smack in the face, and even though you know it’s almost thirty degrees cooler inside, that first few moments out of the sun makes you feel even more overheated, like your whole face is flushed with fire.

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AUTHOR: nachttour

CAST: Rose/Jade; Dave, John



ADDITIONAL TAGS: complete, illustrated, AU, grimdark, body horror, altered mental states, created for ladystuck 2013

SUMMARY: Questionably dead and floating in the sea of neverwhere Rose Lalonde wakes up in confusion. Shortly rescued by one Jade Harley what is to happen after that is the challenge they face.

EXCERPT: Instead of pondering the imponderable— poetic as it might sound —she settled in the cold light granted by the stars and watched. Skirts,tendrils, and tentacles all formed a roiling mass beneath her folded feet. No fish swirled around her, no crustaceans scuttled beneath her. Certainly no marine mammals were in sight.

They had lost her session, lost terribly. Dave was the first; the time loops that he had so gracefully navigated collapsed around him like a choke-collar. Then Jade, their embodied paradox of space had been crushed to death. Supposedly she went next, though maybe John preceded her. That one small detail has escaped her from the first moment of opening her eyes and realizing that she now lived in a world of shifting tentacles and whispers. Conceivably she now inhabited the stellar equivalent to the Cambrian sea, or else her half-animate body had sunk down to the abyssal plains of the oceans of LOLAR and she would now dwell as a horror-story whispered to her consorts as they awaited their next heroine.

Such thinking was hubris. The chill permeating her body was deeper and more rich than anything that her ocean ever would grant her. The winking bioluminescence of those that drifted around her did not belong on her populous world of twinkling rain.

"If I am not home then where am I?"

Home' The jellyfish drifting by in a cloud around her echoed it back in a whispered chorus.

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AUTHOR: elegantanagram

CAST: Jade/Nepeta/Feferi; Grandpa Harley, Horrorterrors



ADDITIONAL TAGS: fantasy AU, quest plot, developing relationship, body horror, xeno, created for jadefest

SUMMARY: Jade loves her grandfather more than life and breath, for showing her so many fantastic things, and for taking her to places so magnificent other people could only dream of them. When he departs across the globe without her, it turns out to be those fantastical creatures that offer her the greatest chance of again finding him.

EXCERPT: The boat pulls into the island’s little makeshift harbor even as the sailors on board rush to and fro, ropes in their arms as they tie down its moorings. The instant one of them throws down the gangplank, Jade is trotting down it, her arms swung wide for balance. She leaps the final distance to the grassy bank, one hand going to her head to steady the wide-brimmed hat atop it, the other waving frantically back at everyone still on the ship. Her grin is wide and white, bright against the warm nut brown of her dimpled cheeks.

"Thanks for the ride!" she calls back, arm still waving a vigorous goodbye. "Oh, I almost forgot. This is Pietro’s hat!"

She starts to whip the hat off her head, arm poised to frisbee it onto the deck, but the men on the boat all laugh and wave her down, tell her to keep it. It’s a gift; it’s something to keep the sun from her eyes as she treks through the jungle. She tries to frown, crossing her arms over her chest, but in the end she only manages to grin all the wider. Pulling the brim lower over her face, she turns on her heel with a final wave. Adventure awaits!

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AUTHOR: spockandawe

CAST: alpha Rose, alpha Dave, Condesce



ADDITIONAL TAGS: parenthood, unconventional families, created for ladystuck 2013

EXCERPT: You are only six years old when you realize this is not the first time you have been six. Nobody understands, or even really listens to you when you try to explain. You begin counting how many times someone patiently explains that dreams aren’t real, or exclaims over what an active imagination you have. The longer you refuse to give in, the more forceful these talks become. You pretend not to notice the way adults whisper over your head about how she’s such a bright young thing, but they worry. Finally, you stop arguing with them and let them think that’s the same as agreeing.

As you age, you do spend time idly leafing through books and websites, wondering if perhaps you are delusional. Ever since the thought occurred to you that you have lived your life before, you have been perfectly convinced of its truth. By all accounts, it must be false. But it seems so real, a flower slowly unfurling before you, new details and memories that you cannot imagine dreaming up yourself. It is not a discovery of new ideas, but the unearthing of memories that you had only forgotten. Eventually, you decide that even if you are mentally unbalanced, there exists no way to disprove the existence of this other Rose, so for you at least, it may be a private truth.

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